About the TACHIBI festival

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Autumn - the time when various art exhibitions and festivals are held in each place.
Tachikawa Bijutsu Gakuinwelcomes public to the TACHIBI festival every September.

The second semester begins; and soon students take about 10 days to make artworks on their own.
Away from everyday study for a while, students freely choose their theme and the way of present registering eitherA section (paintings) or B section (three-dimensional artworks). Upon request, teaches give them some guidance to use skills and ways to create artworks. Taking the opportunities of using any material and medium, students challenge to make a large-scale artwork which exceeds far the limit of the study for entrance examination.
All artworks are then exhibited in the all school venues and open to the public.

There are also some students who make some performance which may involve the public participation on the day of the festival.Each prize is decided by the popularity vote of the participants, teachers and the public.
It is a very exciting art festival.
It is a drastic plan to let students do something which appear to befar apart from entrance examination during their preparation year. However, this experience strongly raises independence of will to the objective study for entrance examination and future career as an artist.
It also seems that TACHIBI festival is committed to the fact that there are many graduates playing an active role in contemporary art world today.

The news of TACHIBI festival day of 2007 was taken up in the local media!

EKUTEBIAN issued in December, 2007